Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Pipe Fittings

JIC fittings are occasionally called a fixtures. Quite simply, The FLARE-® adapter is fully suitable for the commercial 37° flare design, using its double seal system. 304 stainless seal without a finish for standard carbon metal fittings. Then, tighten up the nut through the use of a spanner until the nut is tight additionally the sleeve grips onto the tube. HAW provides quality tested and approved JIC fittings for an extensive array of hydraulics applications – from mobile to heavy-duty.

Rubber Fab offers many JIC Fittings for just about any piping system requires. Brand new ISO and NFPA criteria strongly recommend seals for several fittings. JIC fixtures must certanly be in a position to withstand two times the working force for a period of 1 minute without failure or leakage. These adapters are ideal for high-pressure applications.

The Flaretite Seal is a permanent, “Leak-Free” connection, which surpasses the performance of today’s ORFS fittings, and also at notably lower cost. The pipe fitting is comprised of three pieces: your body, the nut plus the sleeve. A domestic provider of JIC fixtures can guarantee that global changes in a don’t influence your supply chain.

During construction, the sleeve can be used to evenly distribute the compressing load developed in the flared end of pipe by the threading associated with flare nut towards male fitting. This unique seal might be suited to JIC & SAE, hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel fixtures. Considering a repositioned attack area away from the male tip, and the strength and rigidity of redesigned nut, the JSEAL apparently handles double the torque and removes side-load dilemmas.

Made with a corrosion-resistant trivalent chromate zinc finish, these threaded adapters provide reliable connections for high-pressure fluid energy applications. JIC fixtures are dimensionally identical to AN (Army-Navy) fixtures, but are manufactured to less exacting tolerances and tend to be less expensive.

The SAE J514 SV 37° series is made for working pressures up to 350 club and ensures the lack of leakages (also in presence of gases), good opposition to high tightening and easiness of assembly, using the possibility to produce repeated assemblies and disassemblies.

JIC fitting systems have actually three elements that produce a tubing assembly: fitting, flare nut, and sleeve. Copper seal with standard Loctite Vibra seal finish for common See This Helpful Information aluminum and metal fittings. These JIC fixtures are equivalent to JIC fittings from Parker, Eaton, Aeroquip, Weatherhead, and Gates Hydraulics.